The LoPucki-Doherty Professional Fees Calculator: Evaluation

Enter an estimate of a large public company's assets at filing, click on "Calculate," and the program predicts the total professional fee and expense awards from filing through confirmation. Additional input increases prediction accuracy.

Example    Input       Click here to obtain input data for BRD cases
4,200,000,000   Enter debtor's assets at filing (from the petition, in dollars). REQUIRED
737   Enter the number of days from petition filing to plan confirmation.
15   Enter the number of professional firms authorized to work.
14,700   Enter number of persons employed by the debtor prior to filing.
shop   Enter "home" if the case is at debtor's headquarters, "shop" if not.
2003   Enter confirmation year to control for the trend in fees over time.
yes    Enter yes if debtor sold substantially all assets pre-confirmation (363 Sale).
$37,787,919   We can be 85% confident the fees and expenses will not be less than this.
$43,995,592   We predict the court will award this amount of fees and expenses.
$51,217,919   We can be 85% confident the fees and expenses will not be more than this.

Calculations are based on the regression model in table 3.4, from Lynn M. LoPucki & Joseph W. Doherty, Professional Fees in Corporate Bankruptcies: Data, Analysis, and Evaluation (Oxford 2011). For confirmation years from 2008 through 2010, the output figures include an adjustment for inflation at the Consumer Price Index (CPI for All Urban Consumers 1982 ‒ 84 = 100) rate for the confirmation year. No additional adjustment is made for years after 2010.

The BRD has been supported by grants from these organizations:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges

Turnaround Management Association

American Bankruptcy Institute

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