Two-variable studies

Step 1. Choose variable 1 Step 2. Choose variable 2 Step 3. Limit cases included
Venue cities Venue cities Category 1: Wilmington, New York
Category 2: All others
choose cities 
Venue districts Venue districts All venue districts
Forum shopping Forum shopping All cases choose shop status 
Headquarters city Headquarters city All headquarters cities choose cities 
Debtor's attorneys Debtor's attorneys All attorneys choose attorneys 
Judge at filing Judge at filing All judges at filing choose judges at filing 
Judge at disposition Judge at disposition All judges at disposition choose judges at disposition 
§363 sales §363 sales All cases choose sale status 
Bankruptcy cause Bankruptcy cause All causes choose causes 
Business survival Business survival All survival outcomes choose survival outcomes 
Disposition type Disposition type All dispositions choose dispositions 
Chapter 7 or 11 Chapter 7 or 11 All chapters choose chapters 
Incorporation state Incorporation state All jurisdictions choose jurisdictions 
Debtor’s industry Debtor’s industry All industries choose industries 
Involuntary Involuntary All parties choose parties 
Prenegotiation Prenegotiation All plan types choose plan types 
Refiling Refiling All refiling outcomes choose refiling outcomes 
Asset size Asset size All asset sizes choose asset sizes 
Employee size Employee size All employee sizes choose employee sizes 
Filing years Filing years Category 1: 1997–2006
Category 2: 2007–2016
choose years 
Disposition years Disposition years All disposition years
Emergence years Emergence years All emergence years
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