PACER Docket Searcher—Precise Coverage

The search covers about 2.5 million docket entries in more than 800 cases.

The search covers all docket entries on all Pacer dockets for cases included in the Florida-UCLA-LoPucki Bankruptcy Research Database (BRD) except the following:

  1. entries on the dockets of currently pending cases
  2. some entries made more than one year after disposition of the case by confirmation, dismissal or conversion.

We add dockets of disposed-of cases monthly.

In addition to the Pacer dockets, the search covers some BanCap dockets for old BRD case.

To see which dockets are included click on “Restrict search to specific case” and then the down-arrow. Cases with partial dockets are marked “(incomplete).”

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The BRD has been supported by grants from these organizations:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges

Turnaround Management Association

American Bankruptcy Institute

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