Pay N Pak Stores, Inc.


  • Pre-filing annual sales: $1,078 (millions of current dollars)
  • Pre-filing assets: $706 (millions of current dollars)
  • Pre-filing number of employees: 3,350
  • Sub-industry: 52 Building Materials, Hardware, Garden Supply, And Mobile Home Dealers
  • Place of incorporation: WA
  • Court for city of headquarters: WA Seattle
  • In business at filing? data not available

Bankruptcy case

  • Chapter at filing: Chapter 11
  • Who filed case? debtors
  • Debtor's lead attorney: Dechert
  • Date of filing: September 21, 1991
  • Judge at filing: Thomas T. Glover
  • Court district of filing: WA WD
  • Court city of filing: Seattle
  • Case number: 91-06976
  • Cause of bankruptcy: Not tort
  • Forum shop? Filed at headquarters

  • Case transferred? no
  • Destination court of transfer: not applicable
  • Creditors committee appointed? yes
  • ยง363 sale: no 363 sale
  • Dip loan final approval? data not available
  • Plan type: free fall

  • Disposition status: confirmed
  • Date of disposition: July 30, 1992
  • Judge at disposition: Thomas T. Glover
  • Days from filing to disposition: 313

After the case

  • Did firm emerge? company did not emerge
  • Did firm refile? not emerged 5 years

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